Hello! We are Danny & Mara.

 Danny and Mara - True Happiness Together!

We believe in soaking almonds and black beans on the counter.
And making brownies with dates.
The greener the green juice, the better,
Or so my skin tells me.

We love date nights with red lipstick and fireplaces;
Making homemade Mexican “street tacos”;
And visiting new lands while we rent out our Brooklyn apartment.
We feel the best afternoons are a picnic with friends in Prospect Park,
Or a hike through villages in the Andes.

We have not been able to have a baby.
But we have decided to thrive.
And it’s working beautifully.
We learned about thriving during hard times
when we both got divorced.
Little by little, we learned.
We learned that circumstances did not have to define us.
We learned that by pursuing love above all else, we could be free of pain.

And once you know that, there is no turning back.

We love each other (and our darling dogs) and feel darn grateful for that.
All we have learned makes our marriage SWEET.
If we can share any abundance and knowledge we have,
It is our desire to do so.
Thousands & thousands have now said our message has helped them, too.

Together we are MOST passionate about teaching others.
We guess that happens when you experience a transformation.
It’s hard to keep your mouth shut. 
So we started a blog and now host healing retreats across the U.S. and in Ecuador. 

Spirituality, self worth, meditation, whole foods, and LOVE: we thank you.
We couldn’t have healed without you.

You are real.
You do exist.
You are not based on circumstances.
You are in the journey.
You are worth working for.

Love is what makes it all possible.

It would be an honor to teach you how.