7-Day Body+Soul Camp in Otavalo, Ecuador
to Oct 17

7-Day Body+Soul Camp in Otavalo, Ecuador

Body+Soul Camp - Ecuador

Body+Soul Camp is hosted in the Andes mountains, one and a half hours from the Quito Airport, just outside of Otavalo, Ecuador, in the incredibly charming Casa Mojanda. The rooms at Casa Mojanda are in little cottages and they are SO beautifully done, well kept, and comfortable. The owner has impeccable taste. Plan on comfortable white linens and towels, hacienda style rooms with thoughtful details, and an incredible art and Ecuadorian craft collection throughout the property that will make you ooh and ahh. A fun note: The owner is a former Brooklynite and used to live in Brooklyn Heights on Orange Street!

This is an all-inclusive event, 7 days, 6 nights. We have a Summer Retreat and a Fall Retreat available in 2015:
- Summer Retreat: Sun., August 2nd 6:30 pm to Sat., August 8th 1:00 pm. 
- Fall Retreat: Sun., October 11th 6:30 pm to Sat., October 17th 1:00 pm.
Price includes the following:


  • Daily Love Workshops with Danny and Mara - see details below
  • Healing Group Activities with Alexandra to compliment the Love Workshops, giving people FIRST-HAND empowerment, vulnerability/connection, and the practice of choosing virtues - see details below
  • Class on Raw Foods & Detoxing - taught by Tony, our experienced Raw Food Chef and Cleansing Consultant.

Daily Detoxing Schedule:

  • Oil Pulling - cleansing to the body and removes toxins that accumulate overnight from the teeth and mouth. 
  • Lemon Juice Cleanse - helps to alkalize and cleanse the body, and start digestion.
  • Morning Green Juice - a powerful dose of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients! Allows your body to extend your "fast" and maximize the period of detoxing.
  • Mid Morning Green Smoothie - MORE GREENS :).  You'll take in more vitamins and nutrients before noon than most people get in a week!
  • Delicious Raw Food Lunch - prepared by our raw food chef. It will be 100% LIVE/RAW food for the most ultimate detoxing meal. You're going to be AMAZED!
  • Healthy Cooked Vegetarian Dinners - prepared by the chefs at the property. Their food is super flavorful, healthy, hearty, and delicious.

Healing Activities:

  • Daily Yoga, Meditation, and Breathing Exercises with Alexandra
  • Individual Mentoring Walks with Danny & Mara to a waterfall (like our “Walks in the Park” in Brooklyn)
  • Detoxing/Healing Massage with an amazing Shaman/Masseuse/Healer attending to each guest during the retreat.
  • Soaks in a Japanese Hot Tub - Outdoors and warmed by coals, with GORGEOUS Andean views all around.
  • Nightly Movies/Documentaries in the movie room to reinforce the healing of both body and soul.
  • Group Gathering in a Yurt (dwellings common in the Andes and often used for spiritual gatherings and ceremonies)

Group Outings:

  • Otavalo Craft Market - a world famous indigenous market with blankets, pottery, rugs, sweaters, woven bags, jewelry, baskets, ponchos, alpaca items, hammocks, hammock chairs, wood carvings, and soooo much more
  • A Group Hike at Mojanda Lakes - led by a local indigenous guide.
  • A Textile & Craft Tour - A local guide will take us to the country's most esteemed local weavers; basket makers; instrument makers; and a nearby embroidery town. This was my mother-in-law's favorite experience in Ecuador during her recent visit.

Love Workshops with Danny and Mara:

  • Identity: Align With Your Truest Identity and Change the World
  • Choosing Happiness: The Key to Empowerment
  • Marriage & Relationships: Learn How Transformation is Possible
  • The Language of Love
  • Forgive and Free Yourself

Healing Group Activities with Alexandra:

In addition to being our Yoga and Meditation instructor, Alexandra is a Gestalt Psychologist, an Ayurveda Educator, and a group facilitator. She is extremely gifted, very inspiring, and a spiritual powerhouse. I can't wait for you to meet her! These activities will be designed to CLEANSE and support your body, clear and cleanse your mind, and bring energy and vibration to your body. You will experience greater strength, greater coordination, greater power, more peace, more clarity, more connection to your spirit, more connection with others, and more love.

  • Affirmation Therapy - A beautiful group exercise that will help you to begin to deeply believe in your beauty, worth, and potential.

  • Dance Therapy - It's so fun, I promise! Even if you suck at dancing, like me. :) You'll have the opportunity to let go, laugh deeply, and thrive in your own skin.

  • Vulnerability Therapy - Here you get to actually practice vulnerability instead of reading about it. No, do not let that make your palms sweat. :) I promise that it is doable and an extremely meaningful experience for your soul that you won't forget.

Plan On Incredible Food!

Yes, let’s get this food thing clear: YOU WILL LOVE IT. The flavors will be rich. The colors vibrant. The plates will be just full of so much goodness that you might even get tricked into thinking you’re eating an indulgent meal. Know that around every corner, the week will be a celebration of food! Healthy food that nourishes us from the inside out. You will walk away with a completely different lens on what it means to eat raw and eat yo’ vegetables.

Breakfast through lunch will be 100% LIVE/RAW food. But don’t think our chef will be serving you carrot sticks! These meals will be filling, delicious, and abundant and will include soups, main dishes, salads, and side dishes. I promise you can do this, even if you’ve never eaten this way before. These raw meals are gourmet. And raw brownies may be involved. :) The best news: these delicious meals and whole food desserts won’t zap your energy, they’ll add to it in leaps and bounds. And what's even better, these meals will be prepared with a lot of love - for your ultimate nourishment and healing.

Dinner will feature some cooked vegetarian dishes by the chefs at the property. Their food is super flavorful, healthy, hearty, and delicious. We know cooked meals are certainly a part of life - and they can also be chock full of whole foods and plants. We want to show you how diverse and flavorful a meal full of vegetables can be. You’ll get to try some Ecuadorian specialties as well as Mexican, Indian, Asian - and it will all be served with so much kindness from the incredible Ecuadorian staff.


There are some private rooms for couples.  Some rooms will be shared with individual beds. We'll do our best to accommodate any needs.

Can you tell? We want to BLOW YOUR MIND.

We want you to feel loved, supported and cared for during this experience. We have thought of every detail possible to make sure this is an experience of a lifetime.

We WANT you to be successful. We want to do everything in our power to make sure that that happens.

Register Now!

Space is limited to 13 people for each Body+Soul Camp. We already have several spots spoken for, so don't delay booking if you feel this would be a good fit for you. We would be SO thrilled to welcome you and feel confident that you'd have an experience of a lifetime.

Couples/Friends Pricing

If another person comes with you (a spouse, a friend, or a family member), you will get a $600 discount for each additional person that comes. Enter CODE: INVITE2015 at check-out.  If you have more than one additional person attending with you, please contact us for a specialized code. 

Summer Retreat: 7-Day Body+Soul Camp in Otavalo, Ecuador

Fall Retreat: 7-Day Body+Soul Camp in Otavalo, Ecuador

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