How do these retreats differ from the blog?

This is not the blog repackaged. We LOVE the blog, but it is limited. So much of what we teach during the retreats is only made possible by being there in person. THIS experience is what we desire you to have. This will provide an order and the building of principles line upon line - so that you can actually see how everything connects and how it can be applied to your life. The blog simply does not allow for this detailed level of instruction.

Will this work for me?

We do not have one doubt or hesitation that this will work for you. We've done this enough to know that what we teach at these events and the experiences we've curated are EXTREMELY effective for people. One of the biggest benefits of an event like this is you get to connect with a tight-knit group of like-minded people and do the program TOGETHER. This group atmosphere fosters relationships, security, support, group-learning, momentum, confidence, and love. We have distilled our VERY best principles and techniques that CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE and we are CONFIDENT that if these principles are applied, you WILL be able to change your life. But it does take work on your part and we hope that the retreat will help jump-start that energy and momentum and excitement you will need to begin implementing changes in your life once you return home. Above all else, this message UNIVERSALLY applies to every trial, challenge, and experience we can think of. Get excited. Have hope.

Who usually attends these retreats?

Based on our past events, we have had beautifully diverse groups of people. Both men and women have attended. Married people. Single people. People in dating relationships. Mothers/Fathers. LGBTQ  people. People who have chosen not to have children. We’ve had a few recently divorced people. A few who are in life transitions and maybe even in between jobs. We’ve been delighted to have people with many diverse spiritual backgrounds: Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Mormon, Ex-Mormon, Catholic, Buddhist, Atheist. The age group, so far, has been in the 20s-50s range, but we welcome all ages! We have many guests from the East Coast - and many from the West Coast, too. A guest from Asia and a guest from Switzerland also attended. We’ve had people who are experienced in healthy practices, some that don’t eat vegetables at all, and a few who use their Vitamix to make margaritas instead of green smoothies. We’ve had gender equality lawyers, environmental engineers, entrepreneurs, housekeepers, designers, stay-at-home moms, lobbyists, social workers, and future yoga instructors (after getting hooked by Alexandra!) attend. But one thing is clear: no matter who attends, they are there for a good reason. They are there because they want to offer the best of themselves to the world.

Which destination should I choose?

This depends on the experience speaking loudest to your heart and the commitment you are able to make at this point in your journey. I will say that just about everybody that attends our 1-Day event is hooked and they want to attend the 7-Day event. Many have been able to do just that. Here are some thoughts to help you decide:

  • The 7-Day Body+Soul Camp in Ecuador is a fully-immersive program. This retreat is for those who want to heal in many ways. It's truly a jumpstart to a new life. It focuses on healing both the body and the soul, which is why the deepest healing can take place as the two are SO extremely connected. The retreat in Ecuador is also an extremely spiritual experience as our Spiritual Healer, Alexandra, works closely with each guest. You do not need to believe in God or have a certain spiritual background to be touched by her work. No doubt, you will be in awe of your experience with her. Also, Ecuador! The setting is unforgettable. There is something about making a commitment like this - and buying a ticket to fly across the world. ALL of it is a message to your life that you are worth it; that you are ready to make a change. 
  • The U.S. based 1-Day Love Boot Camps are part of our introductory jump-start program. With multiple cities to choose from throughout the year, you can find one closest to you. These events will be best for those who cannot carve out time for our longer events, or whose budgets don't allow for an overnight experience at this time. These events will be INTENSIVE and you'll receive a lot of our curriculum as well as a good dose of community for the day. 

NOTE: You do not need to attend a shorter event first before attending the 7-day event. 

Is there any one-on-one time with Danny and Mara?

The Ecuador Body+Soul Camp allows us to schedule a hike to a local waterfall with every one of our guests. Due to the time constraints of the 1-Day Love Boot Camps, we are unable to schedule one-on-ones at this time. However, upon registration, we sometimes have an option for you to indicate if you'd like to spend the night at our Airbnb (if that was available). For those who choose this option, you'd be able to have dinner with us and spend more time chatting with us.

Do I need to be spiritual or religious to attend and participate?

We love, love welcoming people from any and all backgrounds. Though these events are not religious whatsoever and we prefer to speak in a way that is applicable to anyone. We will be talking about spiritual traditions that can enhance your life whether you are religious or not. And we often mention great leaders and teachers in history (including some associated with various religions) simply because of the impact they’ve had and truth they share. We also welcome fully all comments, discussions, experiences, blessings, words of religious faith (or not) from all of our guests. We want the environment to feel safe- and for it to be a place where people can be just what they are - and be celebrated and accepted for that, no matter what spiritual path one is on.

What if I have food allergies or I’m on a specific diet? Can I bring my own food?

We are happy to accommodate allergies or needs that you might have (you’ll have the opportunity to let us know your needs when you register). The food at Body+Soul Camp in Ecuador will be 100% live/raw until dinner. This will include fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted quinoa, sprouted legumes, raw honey, and raw cacao. Dinner will be vegetarian and will also include grains such as brown rice and quinoa. No gluten, dairy, meat, or refined sugar will be served throughout the retreat. For the U.S. events, we are making every effort possible to provide healthy meals. We’ll take into consideration food preferences when planning the menus. You are also welcome to bring your own food as needed.

Can I talk to you on the phone to ask questions prior to booking the retreat?

Yes! If you would like to speak with us or if you have more questions, we'd be delighted to speak with you. Let's schedule a Skype or phone call ASAP. Please write us at We are flexible and could speak morning, afternoon, or night.

Is there any financial aid or payment options available?

There is no financial aid at this time. Though from time to time, we do have donors donate funds for people to attend a retreat. Please write us if you have a financial aid request in case that opportunity becomes available again. 

Also, payment is due in full at the time of your booking. Though please reach out to us if you have a request for a different arrangement.

What do I do if I need to cancel my reservation?

If you find that you can’t attend, please let us know as soon as possible. If a new person fills your spot before the start of the retreat, we will return what you paid for the event, minus a $150 handling fee. Otherwise there will be no refunds given. Thank you for understanding!

Can I bring my child to an event?

Our events are not automatically set up for children to attend, but it can be possible, depending on the event, location, or situation. Please don't hesitate to contact us as we'd love to try and accommodate your needs! At Body+Soul Camp in Ecuador, for example, it is possible to hire a wonderful, trusted, local baby-sitter to be on site. You may also bring your own nanny. In the past, a husband and wife also chose to alternate classes so they could take turns caring for their child. Just let us know in advance and we can help accommodate your needs in anyway we can. 

Body+Soul Camp Questions:

Can you tell me about the staff?

We aim to work with people who are loving, full of light, and full of a desire to help people transform their lives.

Our retreat staff includes a very professional, extremely experienced and loving individual, Alexandra Molina. Alexandra is a Gestalt psychologist, yoga teacher, and an Ayurveda educator. She has had specialized training in Argentina, India, New Mexico, and Ecuador and has ran many, many retreats for people wanting to change their lives. Many at our retreats say she is “the best yoga teacher they’ve had.”

Due to a recent move, our past chef, Tony, will not be able to join us personally, but we continue to use the menu curated by him. He's spent the last few retreats training an incredible, professional kitchen staff at Casa Mojanda. We couldn't be happier with the food services Casa Mojanda has provided us. 

We will also have a masseuse attending to our guests during the week.

And, we are grateful for the incredible and kind staff at Casa Mojanda. The owner of the property moved from the U.S. to Ecuador 20 years ago to open the lodge and he has an incredible team, many who have been with him since the beginning.

What changes can I hope to notice during/after the retreat?

Most people experience a noticeable rise in energy due to the nutrient rich foods, yoga, meditation and the breathing techniques. It's almost guaranteed that your skin and countenance will GLOW more than ever! You may likely find that any skin issues (acne or rashes) clear up or improve. It is amazing to us to see the faces of all the people at the retreat. You will look and feel more alive than ever! You may also notice any aches, pains, and stresses improving due to the meditation and yoga. Your body will feel stronger, more balanced and coordinated as the days go by. You may feel a greater connection to your body, spirit, life, the world, nature, and those around you. Your mind may feel clearer and sharper. You will feel more capable of love and healing.

What if I have never traveled alone?

There is power in doing something alone. There is power in taking a leap. There is power in saying that you want and need to do something for yourself and that you are actually going to follow through and do it. You may be nervous, but we suspect you will feel an overwhelming amount of pride, joy, liberation, and love for yourself for overcoming this fear.

We will also have a private Facebook page for the retreat community prior to Body+Soul Camp. You will be able to get to know other people as you prepare for the trip, if you’d like. Also, many people in the past have met up at the airport, at hotels near the airport or in Quito (if, for example, their flights arrive early). This Facebook group will be a way to facilitate those connections, if needed. After the retreat, people often spend time together in Quito if they are waiting for a flight. 

How do I know if this is the right thing for me to do?

How many times have you told yourself that there is always something more important than YOU? It's time to care for yourself! And if you are going to take one week of your life to do something out of the ordinary, you better make it GOOD. This retreat will offer a COMPLETE experience for the mind, body, and your soul. You can never ever get this experience by laying on the beach or eating crap foods on a vacation. Instead, make THIS your vacation! Traveling with the purpose of self-care is about as good as it gets. You’ll return with a vibrant body instead of a body now needing a detox.