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1-Day Love Boot Camp & 7-Day Body+Soul Camp

Because love and happiness are truly yours for the choosing. And good things happen in person.

Because here’s the deal:

We believe in love! And not just the lovey-dovey, ooey-gooey, sticky kind of love (though everybody knows that can be pretty fun, too). We’re talking the kind of love that transforms broken lives, overcomes relationship struggles, brings peace to challenges like infertility, and brings healing and wholeness to the toughest moments we’ll ever face. Even with LIFE stuff going on, we know it’s possible to have the kind of love that makes you smile while falling asleep because your heart is full and at peace with the world.

We know first-hand that circumstances don’t have to define you. That you can trigger a happy, “I’m worthy of love” feeling in your soul. And that you can have something beautiful to offer the world and those you care most about -- something that was already a part of you all along -- it just needs discovering, patience, a guiding hand, somebody to show you that it is there. And when you tap into that, even your corner bodega owner might take note and wonder what all the smiles are about.

Yes, you can be that person

That person walking down the street with a flutter in your heart and a peace that is recognizable and contagious and even makes you look more radiant. Yes, we think you are capable of having a happiness that turns heads....even if right now your head is saying, “Something must be wrong with me, I just can’t seem to do it, happiness is something other people have.” All you need are some happylovesecrets, some tools that you can put into practice that will get results. And someone to love and believe in you.

The stuff I’ve learned at the retreat and practiced like crazy continues to get me through the smaller stresses of life now. It’s truly amazing stuff. The message you two share has the power to change the world and I am grateful every single day that you put it out there and that I was somehow lucky enough to find it.
— Courtney

The tools we live by:

We want to teach you the tools that have worked for us and for thousands of readers who’ve written in to say the tools worked for them, too -- tools that helped us experience deep acceptance and joy despite 10 years of infertility; tools that helped us reclaim our self worth in the face of criticism; tools that helped us find peace in the middle of divorce and helped us face a single (and later married) life with loads more wisdom.

We want to be your guides and mentors (this is our favorite thing to do in the world!) We want to help you make any course corrections that you may need. That's why we created our 1-Day U.S. Events and our 7-Day Body+Soul Camp in Otavalo, Ecuador. The 1-Day events will be great for anyone looking for a convenient and rich experience with our most essential lectures and select activities - all designed to help you experience a paradigm shift.  Our Body+Soul Camp in Ecuador is a more immersive experience focusing on healing the body and the mind. For someone who can travel abroad and dedicate 7 days to healing, this is a MUST DO.