Mentoring Sessions

It is our greatest passion to teach others and to help them live with a LOVE MINDSET. We believe that a life motivated by love is one that can heal you to the core and help you to live your BEST and most joyful life. It’s also the way to take part in changing the world.

We want to help you THRIVE in relationships, heal from pain, be vulnerable, have more self-worth, be empowered, and CHOOSE happiness for yourself. Having a Love Mindset is the way to do it. 

50-Minute Session for $150
4-Week Package for $500

Guarantee: We want the call to be of value to you.  If it is not, let us know within 24 hours for a full refund.  

We have mentored hundreds of people in person. We’ve shared our message with tens of thousands on our blog. We’ve hosted retreats in Chicago, Vermont, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Phoenix, and Ecuador. We’ve been keynotes at events/retreats in Washington D.C., West Virginia, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Iceland. And we’ve done interviews with CNN Headline News, Martha Stewart Radio, HuffPost LIVE, RedBook Magazine, BYU Radio, Deseret News, Off Switch Magazine, Cup of Jo, and Overseas Radio.

And now, we look forward to serving YOU and helping YOU to choose happiness in your circumstances.


This was the very best money I have ever spent on myself. 2016 looks brighter than I could have ever imagined because of Mara and Danny!
— Joan Dunn
A year’s worth of marriage therapy did not come close to being as full of light and hope and possibility as two hours of mentoring with you.
— P
I really don’t know how you do what you do, but you helped my husband and I so much today. We talked more openly than we have in, I would say, 20 years! You were both inspired to say the exact things that we both needed to hear, and as I have said before, you are worth every penny! Your approach is so unique.
— A Retreat Alum and Spouse
We just finished listening to your recorded mentoring session together this evening. Both of us plan to listen to it again (and again!) to really get the most out of the recording and let it sink in but boy has it struck a chord in us already.

You most definitely answered our questions and gave us a lot to think about as well as adding some really powerful perspective!

We want to thank you for your thorough and thoughtful responses/advice. You hit every nail on the head in respect to what we’ve been dealing with and going through. Can we also say just how supported we feel by you two, your compassion shines through every interaction.
— Marie & Thomas
I don’t even know what else to say except THANK YOU times a million!!!!!!! I am so thankful that our path’s crossed, truly. I was so ready for this. I have done SO MUCH work over the last 8 years to heal from the pain of infertility and failed IUI’s that occurred in 2007. I truly believe that that’s where my faith crisis began. Very dark times, and I’ve been feeling them creep up again as of recent. I’ve had many healers and spiritual mentors that I’ve worked with, but none have taken me this far, until now!! When the student is ready, the teacher appears.
— AJ
As I sat here tonight listening to you two, I kept thinking, “Is this real life!?” You two are so thoughtful and brilliant. I kept thinking I was listening to a super soul sunday episode, but then the people on the show kept saying my name and talking specifically to me and about my personal challenges. It was AMAZING! I was like a bobble head the entire time I was listening, my head would not stop shaking in agreement to all that was said. I had so many light bulbs turning on for me.
— Joan
I had a wonderful time speaking with you this week and I’m so happy my wife found your blog. The conversation was hugely valuable for me and I can see that she has already begun transforming as she begins this amazing journey process of introspection. You and your wife have a delightful calm sanity that I don’t see very often, and I sincerely look forward to speaking with you again.
— K
Thank you for the amazing session today. I’m still processing everything, but it was very worthwhile and I “felt” what you were conveying to me.

I also think you are worth every penny because unlike my therapy sessions in which my therapist really tries to get me to figure out a lot of stuff on my own, you just flat out tell it like it is. There were a lot of lightbulbs going off for me today! Wow.

From the first time I was introduced to your blog I had this feeling that you would be in my life someday. I know that probably sounds strange but everything you’ve written or said, resonates with me.
— Loraine
I want you both to know how much everything I’ve learned from the two of you has helped me so much during this last week, where things have turned on their heads so dramatically. I have so much gratitude for the courage and conviction with which you have both taken time and personal sacrifice to get the message out there, that people really truly can change and live better lives, even if their circumstances don’t change a bit.

So thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. I don’t know what the end of this part of my story will be, but I know that whatever it is, I will be OK, and that is a miracle to me.
— Sarah
Talking with Danny and Mara was a really gift. Their presence is so compassionate that it was easy to dive right in to all the questions I had for them regarding my personal struggles and some of the areas in my life that need resetting. Mara and Danny’s warm advice was full of substance and backed by practical guidance that I can apply to my life directly, and their enthusiasm gave me a much needed dose of courage and confidence. Their approach is both simple and profound—and thus truly transformative. My recommendation is to bring a notebook to each session!
— Marie
The two of you are, without doubt, some of the most interesting, engaging people I’ve met. I absolutely loved our chats, and though you wouldn’t know it, your honesty and openness actually helped me be far less reticent than my usual self.
— P
I’m so grateful for you and Danny and the influence you had on me and my husband’s life. We are in this place because of you and your dear blog, first opening us up to the ideas that we had never heard of before.
— D

A Sampling of Topics:

  • Marriage (including how to have a great marriage and how to overcome a crisis or difficulty)
  • How to Choose Happiness
  • Divorce
  • Infertility / IVF / Miscarriage / Surrogacy
  • How to Cultivate Self Worth
  • Dating
  • Choosing a Spouse
  • Newlywed or Engagement Training
  • Family Issues With Difficult Parents or Siblings
  • Infidelity
  • Loss
  • Parenting
  • Raising Teenagers
  • Porn Addictions
  • Work Issues
  • Spiritual Development
  • Spiritual Crisis or Questions
  • Second Marriages
  • Dating After Divorce
  • Body Image Issues
  • Crisis Related to Religion

Mentoring Package Descriptions:


50-Minute Sessions For $150

These calls are for advice, mentoring, encouragement, love, re-centering, and brainstorming on something you're working on. These calls are especially great for someone who has already done our larger package, below, or who has attended our retreats and would like to have a few maintenance calls throughout the month or year. Or perhaps you're curious to see how the calls would work for you, or you only need a one-time perspective shift. You can also book as many of these sessions as you'd like and things will get more thorough each time.


4-week package for $500

This includes (4) 50-minute calls, once per week. We *HIGHLY* recommend this package if you truly want to dive in and make a change in your life. There is so much to teach! This package is carefully laid out and organized to give you a big boost to work on overcoming one or two challenges. It can be considered a tool to help you learn new skills, to help you get through a current crisis, or to help you make some positive changes. This can also be considered a maintenance package for someone who has attended our retreats and would like some additional mentoring as they work to apply the info. to their lives.