Hands down, this is the most exquisite, fully-immersive, healing, self-care event we offer. You can call it pampering, self-care, a reset, a detox, a week of therapies for the body and the mind, a yoga and meditation retreat - whatever you’d like. But one thing is clear: it’s changing people’s lives. For someone who wants to go all the way - and experience healing on the inside, outside, and everything in between, Body + Soul Camp is not to be missed!

I’ll just say it - I wish every single person could experience this retreat!

It’s THAT good. Every person that has attended has unanimously loved the experience and felt that coming was one of the best things they’ve ever done. We’ve heard again and again from our retreat alumni: “I want to come again. I want to come every year. I want to send my spouse. I can’t wait to tell everyone about this.”

Transformations are taking place there. There is nothing that can compare with showing love and respect to the body and the spirit - all at the same time. It’s rejuvenation and healing at its finest.

This retreat is The Reset.

It’s like spring cleaning for your mind, the spirit, and your amazing body. This is the experience that can launch you forward with more beauty, power, radiance, and wisdom. We’re talking glowing skin, a surge of energy and liveliness, a oneness with a community who is on the same path, confidence in your body and it’s capabilities, a clearing of any cloudiness in your mind, and LOVE! You will feel a oneness with love in ways you’ve probably never imagined! (Just ask any retreat alumni!) All of this love and good health will change your vibration. And you’ll be taught all the skills you need to maintain that vibration over time. This is the greatest gift you could give yourself.

And, it all takes place IN THE ANDES!


Here’s the deal with Body+Soul Camp:

A healthy body is the healthy soil for life and vitality to grow. So in honor of health and the power it has to change our lives, Body+Soul Camp is truly a knitting together of all of the principles we teach with the principles of eating whole foods, drinking green juice and smoothies daily, eating more live/raw/whole foods, and incorporating spiritual practices like yoga and meditation.

We envision empowered women and empowered men leaving a legacy. We envision people being freed from their ego by understanding their truest identity and acting like it in marriage, in relationships, in families, in jobs, and in all the challenges of life. We envision the pursuit to give and receive love, because that is who you want to be - and because you believe people are worthy of love, and so are you. This is how we make the world a better place. This is humanity at it’s best.

And that’s why we created Body+Soul Camp.


This Retreat is For You If You:

...are curious about testing out different modes of healing including spirituality, raw food, whole foods, yoga, meditation, dance therapy, affirmation therapy, and vulnerability therapy. (I promise that each one of these will impress you! Even if you’ve never done them before!)

...want to put a spark into your life by spending a week taking care of yourself in the BEST WAY humanly possible!

...feel you could benefit from a break from stress, worries, and hectic schedules and come to a place where you can just BREATHE and have the time to rejuvenate your soul.

...want to head back into your life, your marriage or relationship, your family, or your endeavors feeling RENEWED and able to offer your love and good energy to the world.

...want to cleanse your body from the inside out and see the evidence in a rise in energy and even glowing skin. The healthy habits you’ll learn can often help you kiss good-bye to fatigue, aches and pains, stress, sleep issues, acne, migraines, bloating, and even reduce or eliminate depression and anxiety. We’ve seen this in others. We’ve experienced it ourselves.

...want a jumpstart to eliminating addictions and unhealthy relationships to sugar, processed foods, unhealthy fats, junk foods, chemically laden foods, refined foods, caffeine, packaged foods, sodas. (And yes, eliminating these things will naturally help you to lose weight if that is one of your goals!)

...want to be LOVED and SUPPORTED FULLY by a kind and loving staff in a group setting - and with other people who are on the same path. (You won’t even believe the force of good you will feel by going through this experience with others.) Your own kitchen cupboards and the cupcakes at the office will be far, far away!

Results You Can Expect:

  • You’ll be able to experience things firsthand for yourself and practice things IMMERSED at the experiential level opposed to just reading or thinking about ideas or a healthy lifestyle in a book or on a blog.
  • Save time, efforts, and money by addressing healing from every angle: nutrition and nourishment for the body, exercise for the body, learning for the soul, clearing of old patterns and thoughts, love and connectedness with other human beings.
  • Have freedom and joy in recognizing your power over your emotional well beingThis is priceless.
  • Learn how to be the best kind of partner - for now or in the future.
  • Do ALL of the things that you wish you could do in your daily life to take care of yourself, but you just don’t have the time.
  • Feel connection with other human beings - we’re talking the greatest, highest connection possible. (You’ll see what I mean and I promise you’ll love experiencing it.)
  • Freedom from chronic suffering and pain throughout your life (and the costs involved in living that way.) It’s possible to end cycles. It’s possible to reverse old patterns. It’s possible to reclaim your life and your health. You’ll learn how.
  • BECOME THE WOMAN/MAN YOU WANT TO BECOME - NOW. Don’t waste another day/week/year.
  • Transform the script in your head to reflect the beautiful, powerful person that you are.
  • Learn how to feel comfortable and worthy of love in your own skin.
  • If weight loss is a goal, our planned raw/live & whole foods diet will unquestionably aid you in that.
  • Get the glowing skin of your dreams and look younger and vibrant by nourishing from the inside and reducing inflammation. Save hundreds on “miracle” skin products, dermatologists, chemicals, medications, surgery, microdermabrasion, peels, etc. Perhaps even heal acne for good (I did!) by eliminating harmful foods.
  • Gain knowledge about how to incorporate more WHOLE & LIVE foods into your life.